Crust Punk Band Kontrasosial Release Fiery Track Denouncing Duterte

Indonesian crust punk band Kontrasosial pull no punches on a brand new track they’ve released entitled Digmaan Kontra Droga. The message behind the track is so important to the band that they have the lyrics to the track translated in an additional two languages along with Bahasa (English and Tagalog).

The track is featured on the band’s upcoming split record to be released with Sweden based D Beat monsters Crutches.

Here’s some context to the inspiration for this poignant song:

“2016 – Duterte elected as president of The Philippines. Instead of addressing poverty and hunger, the Duterte administration launched “War on Drugs” campaign that killed thousands of poor people. The number of dead bodies continuously rise. Four Food Not Bombs volunteers are dead and one is incarcerated. He is in the detention cell in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu. There is no war on drugs. It is actually war on the poor. This song is a statement of solidarity to all the victims of state-sponsored terrorism that is still happening in The Philippines.

Justice to all the victims of hunger and poverty!”

The found of Food Not Bombs himself, Keith McHenry, also released a statement:

“Keith McHenry
27 September

President Rodrigo Duterte launched the “Philippine Drug War” in 2016, This war is called Oplan Double Barrel (or Operation Double Barrel), in reference to two barangay-government and Philippine National Police (PNP)-coordinated campaigns, is aimed at “the neutralization [ie. killing] of illegal drug personalities nationwide”.

Duterte has urged members of the public to kill suspected criminals and drug addicts. Lawyers who have acted on behalf of drug suspects have also been targeted by unknown assailants.

Four Food Not Bombs volunteers have been killed this summer and one has been framed and is in jail waiting trial.

Bukidnon/Davao FNB volunteers’ Chris Jose Eleazar (aka Mokiam) and Jan Ray Patindol (aka Pating) were tortured and killed in September. Their bodies were covered with cigarette burns and bruises while police claim that they “fought back” (nanlaban).

Two Food Not Bombs Baliwag Volunteers, Jessie Villanueva De Guzman and Patrick Paul Pile were killed in July 2018. They we’re part of Food Not Bombs Baliwag and were tricycle drivers at night. One got killed in Baliwag, Bulacan and the other one in San Rafael, Bulacan. just one week after the one got shot by the police. Another victims of “Nanlaban”.

Bantayan, Cebu Food Not Bombs volunteer Marco was arrested in August and is waiting trial having been framed for possession of drugs.

My friend, Food Not Bombs organizer Chris writes, “A kind person called Marco (Cram) who I met on a quiet island called Bantayan in the north of Cebu was arrested in early August for allegedly using and selling the drug. During this arrest, a packet was planted on him and he is innocent of the charge.”

Check out the track below but make sure to also watch out for BOTH bands to hit the road together in January. Check out the dates in the flyer below.

BEFORE that tour, Kontrasocial already has some Malaysia dates as well…

Fuck…now THAT’S a post!
(Huge thanks to Sickos Records for bringing all this amazing information to our attention!)


Diprakarsai oleh pembunuh sosiopat
Didukung oleh orang-orang haus darah
Yang mendapat keuntungan dari pembunuhan massal

Diprakarsai oleh badut misoginis
Dengan cara menipu pikiran bangsa yang putus asa
Terkubur dalam kemiskinan

Mayat-mayat dibungkus dan dibuang
Atas nama perang … melawan apa?



Digmaan kontra droga
Handog ng mga kawatan
Nakaabang na mga buwaya
Hayok na hayok sa laman

Nakabalot na bangkay
Na tinapon sa daan
Sa ngalan ng digmaan
..Para saan???

Digmaan kontra droga
Handog ng haring bastos
Sa pabulusok na nasyon
Na lugmok sa karukhaan

Nakabalot na bangkay
Na tinapon sa daan
Sa ngalan ng digmaan
..Para saan???




Initiated by sociopath killer
Supported by murderous people
Who capitalized from the killing spree

Initiated by misogynist clown
Who tricked the minds of desperate nation
Buried deep in poverty

Lifeless bodies wrapped and trashed
In the name of war…against what?



“Digmaan Kontra Droga”
Music: Kontrasosial
Vocal: Lester “Tenga” Ronquillo (Eyes Of Fire)
Lyric: Bam Sickos
Tagalog interpretation: Tenga (Eyes Of Fire), Tulala (Sickmura)
Vocal recorded by Selo (Eyes Of Fire)

Kontrasosial Malaysia Tour Dates

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