CHECK OUT: South Asian metal bands – Adamkhor (Pakistan) | Bonefucker (India)

We would love to introduce two South Asian metal bands to you – one from India and one Pakistan. But before you delve into reading about these two bands we want to make sure we bring a serious issue to light to heavy music brethren from around the world.

A few days ago we posted about a courageous black metal band from Pakistan who have the balls to vent anti-religious sentiments in one of their emotional charged and impactful songs. As I was reading those lyrics I couldn’t help but wonder how this band will have to keep watching their backs for publicly displaying their thoughts on religion. It also made me vow that I would do anything to help promote and support this band because to be able to play this type of music with those lyrics in a climate like Pakistan’s takes MASSIVE guts.

Lo and behold – a few days later – a member of said Pakistani black metal band emailed me to tell me that he got a random phone call from some piece of garbage threatening that they were going to “get him”. The band member asked me to take their lyrics off of our page as they would too from their social media as a way to protect themselves from the crazy fascist religious fanatics that roam through their towns (and online apparently).

I am just bringing this up to help encourage you to be more aware of heavy bands from other parts of the world and the ridiculous situations that they find themselves in – all because of the music and lyrics they’re creating. It is important to really put your heart into supporting heavy music from ALL OVER the world and not just the US and Europe. You have to consider places in the world that are not as safe as yours, places where just writing MUSIC or LYRICS can result in death threats from fucking idiots.

With that said…we will always support heavy music who wave proudly these two magical words to anyone that tries to suppress free speech and free thought: FUCK YOU.

Check out these two South Asian bands and PLEASE keep looking out for each other.


3 piece grindcore band from India called Bonefvcker who are self-described hilariously like this:

“HATE PREACHING GRINDCORE FROM THE SHIT-STORMED INDUSTRIAL WASTELANDS OF THE THIRD WORLD. Three psychopaths given musical instruments to kill corporate pigs.”

How can you not back a band that describes themselves as annihilators of corporate pigs? Get on this shit:

So far all we have are some live videos and hopefully we will hear some recorded material soon:


Then we have the newly formed Adamkhor from Pakistan. No description yet except for it being a death metal entity that features our buddy Hassan Dozakhi of Mutinational Corporations & Eternal Abhorrence webzine.

Here’s their Facebook page:

We also have this great looking logo to drool over until some music materializes:

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