Check Out Newly Launched Channel ‘Osaka Hardcore and Metal’

Check out the newly launched youtube channel entitled ‘Osaka Hardcore & Metal‘ aiming to capture the insane amount of live shows that take place in this beautiful city. Further below we grabbed some of our favorites starting with the Japanese band who we feel released the best full-length in Japanese hardcore last year – Brave Out – and the album is ‘World Rot’.

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The owner of the channel, Ed, is someone who knew when he was living in Hong Kong many years ago. He was a pit monster and a mad supporter of the very small HK scene. Great to see him active in Osaka!

He was kind enough to give us some background on this project:

“First off, it’s an honor to be on here. For everyone reading this – Riz got me into hardcore at the age of 15 living in Hong Kong and watching King Ly Chee play. 16 years later, hardcore is even more important to me!

まず、あなたのホームページに載ることができて、とてもうれしいです。これを読んでいる皆さんへ – リズさんは、私が15歳の時に香港に住んでいてKing Ly Cheeのライブを見て、ハードコアのファンになりました。16年後、ハードコアは私にとってさらに重要な存在になりました

The hardcore/metal scene in Japan is so much fun, with Osaka shows filled with friendly people and great bands. When I first moved here, I watched a lot of live videos of bands to get a sense of how the scene was and where to find shows. After about one year, I now manage to go to 1-2 shows a week, which has made for a lot of AMAZING memories.


However, that was one big inspiration – they were simply just memories. I wanted a way to experience these chaotic, funny, and exciting shows in the future. I also felt like other people felt the same way – maybe they had an awesome singalong, or did a funny mosh move, or just had a great time and wanted to experience that same feeling down the road. In Tokyo, there are a lot of people filming shows there (shoutouts to my good friend Fred from the channel NBV who puts out AMAZING content!) but nearly every show I went to in Osaka didn’t have someone filming. When there’s a problem, you can be the solution! Haha.

しかし、それは一つの大きな感動であり、単なる思い出に過ぎなかった。このカオスで面白くてエキサイティングなショーを、将来また体験できる方法があればと思ったのです。(TEST) また、他の人たちも同じように感じているように感じました。もしかしたら、すごいシンガロングをしたり、面白いモッシュムーブをしたり、ただ素晴らしい時間を過ごして、将来的に同じような感覚を味わいたいと思っているのかも。東京ではライブを撮影している人がたくさんいますが、大阪で行ったライブはほぼすべて誰かが撮影しているわけではありませんでした。問題があるとき、あなたが解決になることができます。草


The second inspiration is trying to give back to the community that has treated me so well and hope that international viewers discover some great Japanese hardcore, beatdown, pop-punk, etc. bands along the way. Thanks to sites like Unite Asia and No Echo helping to put the spotlight on Asian hardcore, more and more people are checking out the various scenes which have made it explode in popularity. I can only hope I contribute even just 1% to that total effort! In all my videos I post links to other Japanese live recorders, so it’d be great if you all also checked them out.


At the end of the day, I want people to have fun watching my videos. If you watch a video of mine and smile, I call that a success. I’ve only been filming on my sketchy little camera for about 3 weeks now but it’s been so much fun and the reception has been incredible! Upgrades (primarily to audio) will come with time of course. I’m a little selfish and will put the camera down for sets I want to sing along with my friends’ bands, but I do my best otherwise to give an intimate and close experience of what it’s like attending a show here. You may even catch me doing side to sides in some of the videos, apologies in advance! Hahaha.


If anyone ever has any questions about Japanese shows, please please please reach out whenever and I’d be so happy to answer anything. To wrap everything up – enjoy the content (I have 3 shows this weekend to film – lots to come!) but most importantly treat each other nicely and remember to have fun at shows!!


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Here are some of our favorites fro his page:

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