Singapore Hardcore Band Radigals Are Back and Ready To Go

A few days ago a new show was announced in Singapore featuring phenomenal bands like Indonesian act Peach and Malaysian band Unseen, along with local Singapore acts Destiny and Deceased, but one name on the bill made us jump – Radigals.

Radigals are an awesome hardcore band out of Singapore who’ve been missing in action for a couple of years now. As we’re not from Singapore, we didn’t know if the band had quietly called it quits or maybe had just chosen to lay low for the time being. But yo, when their name popped up on the flyer – it was pretty hard to hide our excitement! We were so stoked we immediately fired off a round of questions for the band to give us all (us more importantly hahaha) a much-needed update.

If you’re able to make it to the show – you do NOT want to miss this! The lineup is BANANAS as it is, but having Radigals back on the bill is just so sick…

Welcome back!

UA: So stoked to have you all back! What has the band been up to?
Radigals: Well ever since the pandemic, we’ve been quite chill and taking things easy as the past years have been quite a handful for all of us. Though that didn’t stop us from seeing each other. We still have dinner and random hangouts together. Last year, we contributed to a compilation for Bronzefist Records to raise funds for Food Not Bombs Myanmar. And in November, we decided to slowly get back on track and start jamming – making new songs, at the same time we returned in organising a show for Sink To Rise (Korea). Now, we’re finally ready to continue playing shows, reconnect with friends while making new ones, and of course, maybe we’ll release new stuff this year too!!

UA: With the band gone for some time now, has there been a lineup change? 
Radigals: Nope! Radigals is still Esty, Aisyah, Cheryl and Alin!

UA: Why did you all come back for this particular show?
Radigals: Actually, while we were planning the Sink To Rise show last November, we were randomly thinking of inviting Peach and Unseen (since they were all releasing music around that period) to Singapore and we even thought of a date in advance for the show. So we thought it’d be fun to play alongside our friends. Also, it’s very motivating to see more women getting involved in the hardcore scene!

UA: What are the plans for the year?
Radigals: To make the time to play any shows that are offered to us! And to release a new EP to celebrate our 11 years of being together as a band!

If you all can make it to the show – the info is in the flyer below:

March 4, 2023
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