“Breaking Down the Stigma Against Women and Other Gender Minorities” – LAXX Drop Debut EP

“In addition to breaking down the stigma against women and other gender minorities in the underground music scene which is synonymous with masculinity, we have made LAXX an alternative platform to release any anger over the oppression that is happening today, both from immediate experiences and those that impact people collectively.”

Anytime a band is this vocal about their stance on some of their scene’s most important issues, we back that stuff hard.

Check out brand new Indonesian hardcore punk band LAXX on their debut EP ‘Out of Cage’. “Broadly speaking, these two songs are anger that departs from our experience. How many people dream of big things, but forget the oppression close to everyday life. Unequal power relations and abusive behavior occur anywhere, even in the closest relationships. The abuser could be someone who hates talking about big dreams but doesn’t practice them in his life. Talking about anti-bullying slogans, but oppressing other people in his life. It’s as if a big dream without oppression is a CLOTHING that can be removed and replaced. “EAT YOUR SLOGAN, EAT YOUR PRINCIPLES”.” BURN OFF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!”.

Another thing is the occurrence of sexism, which includes sexual violence, which often occurs near us. How can victims be blamed just for the clothes they wear? Or the normalization of harassment in a mosh pit? And the perpetrators hide behind the pretext “This rape is part of sex and all this because of drunkenness”.

The EP will be released in the near future with Iron Thread Records.


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