Brand New Korean Punk Rock Compilation Out Now! [South Korea]

“Them & Us” is the flagship compilation from Korean punk rock label World Domination, Inc. Back in 2011, they released “Them & Us: Korea’s Punks at Club Spot” followed by “Them & Us 2: Korea’s Punks at Thunderhorse Studios” in 2016. This weekend, WDI is finally releasing “Them & Us 3: Korea’s Punks at Binary Studios.”

The compilation features 11 Korean punk, ska, and garage bands with each band playing one cover song and one original. These comps are always fun, but “Them & Us 3” has some real highlights. If you love great female-fronted punk rock, definitely check out the …Whatever That Means cover of Bad Religion’s “Along The Way” and Beacon’s cover of Nirvana’s “Negative Creep.” Beyond that, the album has the final two tracks from Gumiho, who broke earlier this year, with an incredible Bikini Kill cover and a re-recorded version of “We Create The Stars” from the band’s first demo. Other Korean punk veterans like Burning Hepburn, Green Flame Boys, Smoking Goose, and more make this a must-hear comp.

“Them & Us 3” will be officially released on Saturday 1/22, but you can stream it right now on the WDI website. And if you live outside Korea, you can contact WDI through their website, and they’ll send you a link for a free download of the album!

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