Bamboo Star wins Planetrox China Final 2015

The Planetrox China Final 2015 was held successfully at Orange Peel on 13th June 2015. The long process of competing and voting came to an end in an energy-filled, explosive finale.

This year’s line-up started with Seasons for Change, blasting out their alternative rock music and impressively kick-starting the competition. They were followed by Stereo is the Answer, who already had a taste of victory by winning the best vocalist and bassist earlier this year, in the Battle of Bands 2015. Third up was a comeback by the modern classic rock band Bamboo Star. After losing by a hair in Planetrox China Final last year, they brought us the most intriguing, infectious and intense head-flinging moment of the night. Fourth up was Wan Chai Warriors, wowing us with their raging energy, and passionate highs. The last finalist band who wrapped up the night was Horizon, a band that came all the way from Shanghai to expose us to some exotic music from outside of Hong Kong!

After extremely difficult decisions were made by the judging panel and the audience, the newly-crowned champion of this year’s Planetrox China is Bamboo Star. The grand prize of the trip to Canada was presented to them by Wondergarl ???, last year’s winner, which Bamboo Star accepted with overflowing emotion!

The complicated job to pick a winner out of five excellent bands rested on the shoulders of a panel of judges, which included Jan Lo (vocalist of Qiu Hong ??), Davy Chan (drummer of LMF and owner of Aroom Studio) and Simon Gaudry (director of Planetrox). A list of criteria such as interaction with the audience and originality were reviewed before they came up with the final decisions. Bamboo Star weren’t the only ones to leave the Planetrox China final with an amazing prize! All audience members who voted were automatically entered in a lucky draw where they had the opportunity to win HKD 500 voucher for Parsons Music (x2), one Underground Zippo lighter (valued at HK$300) and one Underground leather Card Holder (thanks to 1 of 1 Leather Lab) (valued at HK$499). Four audience members went home with these awesome prizes, which is definitely a nice reminder of such an exciting night.

Says Chris B, organiser of Planetrox China, “The bands this year were of such high standards, that it must have been a challenge for the judges AND the audience to pick a winner. Every band that makes it to the finals of Planetrox China is considered a winner. Big congratulations to Bamboo Star who finally won and shows persistence & ever-improving stage performances pays off.”

This year’s winners, Bamboo Star, are overjoyed to be going to Canada to perform at the Envol et Macadam festival in September. The band revealed that “It’s particularly meaningful to us because after missing out in 2014, all we could do was to raise our chins back up, learn from it, work harder and try again. We started this band a little over three years ago, only wanting to play rock music with a big injection of Classic metal and J-rock influences.”

Bamboo Star is a Hong Kong based four-piece band. They have been performing in Hong Kong for most of their career and recently went to Singapore to perform at the Music Matters Live, a premier independent music festival in Asia. Bamboo Star is known around Hong Kong for their modern take on classic rock music, combining beautiful layered vocals with great hard-hitting guitar solos.

About Planetrox
A worldwide music competition, whose mission is to discover the best new bands and expose them to a wider international audience. In 2015, Envol et Macadam expanded its ties to the rest of the world and hitting it with a big bang: alternative bands from 15 different countries will win the chance to play at the Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City, Canada in September 2015. Planetrox China is organised by The Underground in Hong Kong, a musician run organisation supporting original music.

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