Asian Hardcore Acts – Dagger [Hong Kong]/Ugoslabier [Thailand] Release Cover Art For Split

Asian hardcore bands, Dagger [Hong Kong] and Ugoslabier [Thailand] have released the cover art and tracklisting for their upcoming split EP CD entitled In Grievance. The EP is set to be released November 25 on Thai label Blackat Records and is supported by, BLAST Magazine, Horror Skin and Speaker Warg.

The title “In Grievance” was picked as both bands come from places in the world embroiled in political/social upheaval. Hong Kong, for example, is now 4 plus months into almost daily street protests which has been met by extreme police brutality. There are currently over 2000 protestors, and even bystanders, in prison. Many social workers, press, photographers, children, elderly, and politicians have also been beaten by the police or sprayed with pepper spray or tear gas and have required medical help. In Thailand, the country continues to be under the control of free speech laws imposed on the public since 2014 that restricts criticism of the Junta.

Thus, the name In Grievance and the general angst in the music that both bands deliver – is a reflection of the current times of the places both bands call home.

Artwork for the release shows a combination of symbols for both bands:

The tracklisting for the split release is as follows:

Yellow Helmets
Step Back

Zoo Party
Strange Shore

Next week, both bands will release a track off the release, so make sure to check that out!!!

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