NEW BAND ALERT: Members of Tim Awa, Choke Cocoi, Payfong Start Banana Is The Bastard

The era of the internet is an incredible thing…we remember having to wait months or years decades ago to hear new bands…now, a band will be formed and within minutes we can be sitting here in Hong Kong (clouded in teargas) and hear about a brand new band, contact said band, and help start promoting them.

Brand new hardcore/punk band Banana is The Bastard features our friends in Choke Cocoi and Tim Awa so OF COURSE this caught our attention immediately. The complete lineup is as follows: Warren of Payfong, Zeph of Timawa and Eva our vocalist, Qt and Tweety of Choke Cocoi.

The band’s debut show is this weekend and the details are in the flyer below.

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