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Fuck Yr Brotherhood

What’s up y’all,

Thanks as always for keeping this site alive but mostly thanks for all you do within your own scenes, cities, countries keeping YOUR scene alive by supporting your local bands, venues and promoters.

We were stoked on the response from Honey Andres’ dope article regarding her perspective and experience as a female within the scene that she was hanging out in the Philippines. It is always important to be able to provide a voice for people because through doing so we get to see things from a different angle – especially for those of us who are open to hearing a different point of view in order to do some self-reflection and growing. Can’t wait to continue her column when she’s ready to submit a new piece!

If you’re a writer and have a lot of things on your chest to say or generally want to pose a question/challenge the world as you see it, let us know! Send us an article and we’ll put it up! Don’t be afraid about stirring the pot – this site is built upon the ideals of hardcore/punk rock so saying things that may not get you a lot of fans, but will certainly garner some sort of response and more importantly – inspire thought, is what we want to support.

Let us know! If you have an article send it to [email protected] and let’s start talking!

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