Unite Asia Playlist #7 Up Now!


Stoked to launch the 7th bi-weekly Unite Asia Playlist! We’re bringing you yet ANOTHER 20 hardcore, punk or adjacent bands from the world of Asia (we love them “adjacent” bands!!!). If you add up ALL the bands we’ve featured in these playlists, we’ve now featured 140 different Asian hardcore, punk, or adjacent bands. We’ll try our best to keep it going and NOT repeat any bands. Also, unfortunately, we’re restricted to what we can find on the dreaded Spotify…until a platform that we’d ACTUALLY prefer (Bandcamp) is able to make playlists, we’ll have to stick to Spotify.

For now – go enjoy and please SHARE IT everywhere!!!!

Unite Asia Playlist 7
The Kitsches (Korea) – 멍청한 새끼들
Jalang (Australia) – War On Reality
Katiny Slezki (Russia) – Тёплые края
Charm (Singapore) – Blister
Under 18 (Indonesia) – Kaman Jadi Lawan
Gum Bleed (China) – Data Rights
Ugoslabier (Thailand) – Ghost in Real Life
Palm (Japan) – Scapegoat
Cloudburst (Indonesia) – Death by A Thousand Cuts
Brickcity (Philippines) – Meg and Tom
Hollow Jan (South Korea) – Dvaita
Killer Calculateur (Malaysia) – Funk Facts
LKTDOV (Indonesia) – All We Have Left is a Memory of Yesterday
Sans Visage (Japan) – 22
Exhibitors (Singapore) – Dear You
Loyal to the Grave (Japan) – Suffer Going Through Life
Deadpan (Taiwan) – Me Against Myself and I
Barred (Philippines) – Resistance
Hollow Threat (Singapore) – Blissful Ignorance
Restraint (Malaysia) – Pure From Blood

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