80’s Vibe Hardcore Punk Your Jam? Fuzzed Out Guitars Too? Check Out RÄNGSEK [Indonesia]

80’s hardcore punk was just a no holds barred form of punk rock that was crazy abrasive. The music and bands of that era always felt like they were in the process of literally exploding in mere moments. So to capture that type of “vibe” here in 2022 is quite the feat because the world has access to so much recording software that you could sound like you have a million-dollar production for something that comes right out of your bedroom.

But bands are able to recreate that vibe…this whole generation of “raw” hardcore punk bands have been turning their back on this insanely pristine production trend as of late. By doing this, whether you like it or not, always creates a more chaotic, raw, extreme, and jarring outcome. It’s not for everyone – but neither is hardcore in general.

Enter Indonesian band RÄNGSEK who have just released their debut EP with that sick and pretty controversial cover art. Man, punk rock should be controversial, should be provocative and for a band to do that right on their cover art is DOPE. They state, “We are inspired by bands like Void, Ajax, Totalitar. Basically 80’s hardcore punk with Swedish vibes”.


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