PREMIERE: Hong Kong math-rock band Emptybottles. release brand new track


Emptybottles. is a fairly new Hong Kong math-rock band who has taken it upon themselves to get the word out there about the art they create. The band epitomises the term DIY. There ain’t no sitting around and waiting for people to come to them, these guys get out there forging their own path and by doing so, make sure their band’s name is out and about. This comes from putting on their own shows (the highly successful Sweaty & Cramped show series), putting out their own records (debut EP came out last summer), and the most recent adventure is starting their own label also under the moniker Sweaty & Cramped Records.

sweaty & cramped

The main man behind this band, and who has his tentacles in all the entities mentioned above, is their vocalist/guitarist Rocky Sum. Today, Rocky and crew have allowed to premiere a brand new track entitled Hidden Track. A background about this track can be read down below because some things are best read through an artist’s own words, but to me the beauty lies in the fact that the music on this recording was all done live. There is a power to a band who is bold enough to get into a studio, mic everything up, hit record, and give a much more human touch to the process of putting music to tape (or computer). According to Rocky, everything except the vocals were recorded live together as a band. He would also like to add, I didn’t ask, that the vocals weren’t touched up either 🙂

From the band themselves:

“Recorded last Summer, “Hidden Track” is a glimpse into Emptybottles.’ next record, intended for a Fall 2016 release. “Hidden Track” is a move away from complexity,(hopefully) a slicker and straighter punch in the feels.

As for the music video itself, the director, Teeda, decided that our faces are too horrifying to show anyone so he’s kindly cropped them away, yikes!”

Not only is their a new release coming out some time this year, but they have also mentioned to me in passing that they’re in the midst of planning a China tour. Look out for more information on that soon.

Now go enjoy the music below!

More info on the band:

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