Indonesian hardcore-metal band Hands Upon Salvation release music video


When I think to the term “hardcore-metal” the types of bands that come to mind are 90’s bands like Earth Crisis, VOD, Shai Hulud, Hatebreed, Integriy, Converge…the type of music that most certainly had that hardcore underpinning yet the guitars all had a metal tinge and the vocalists were more of that high-pitch throat shattering screams. Later on when the Swedish melodic metal twist got added and completely took over, “hardcore metal” got steered into a whole different direction. The reason I bring this up is because a “hardcore-metal” band Hands Upon Salvation from Indonesia have released a new music video and upon first listen, the music takes me back to that 90’s hardcore-metal sound. Hands Upon Salvation have been around since 2001 which explains the sound that they’ve been creating for 15 years now.

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