Brilliant indie-rock band The Schuberts from Indonesia release new EP + debut track

the schuberts

An indie rock band based in Bandung, The Schuberts, have just released their debut EP Kircland. After three years of a roller coaster journey, playing gigs here and there, they’ve finally launched a 5 song EP this past February 17th. The debut EP contains five songs, including Restless Hours and Libera et Idea.

If you like the sound of indie rock bands such as early Strokes or even Arctic Monkeys, you’re gonna love these tunes. Some of their songs have a fusion of Japanese and British rock mixing shouted parts as well but a full on bag of catchy choruses written for gigantic stadiums.

In early 2010, the band was formed and The Schuberts is the same name they finally decided to use. With their debut EP Kircland, they are ready to give something new to the Indonesian music scene, and even Asia and the international music scene.

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