ZINE PATROL: Bottoms Up Newsletter from the Philippines release issue 2

Bottoms Up Newsletter

I’m certain you’ve all read countless articles about how the “zine” is a dying breed with the advent of this here age of the internet…I too used to run a zine in Hong Kong called Start From Scratch way back when and have gotten way to used to the ease and speed of posting articles, interviews, etc. through websites, to ever contemplate resurrecting that entity – though I do see immense value in doing it. As with everything with age, responsibilities grow and choices have to be made with what’s left of your precious time (and financial resource).

But there is just something magical about holding a piece of writing in your hand…may be the same exact reason that some of us like a PHYSICAL copy of a record instead of just the MP3’s.

So – in honor and to celebrate those people who are still out there creating zines through the old-school method…we want to keep supporting them!

Our buddies behind Philippines’ very own punk rock newsletter entitled Bottoms Up have just released their second issue…I thought it would be VERY cool for those people outside of the Philippines to be able to grab a copy too so I’ve asked them to send me the PDF version so you guys can all download it, print it out and enjoy reading it!

Here’s some background info right from the creators themselves:

“It’s a DIY side project from us at Eksena Lokal Radio and we just do it for the love of the scene (passion, dedication, commitment). Printed newsletters are scarce nowadays in our scene and other scenes as well, our newsletter includes updates and info on what’s goin’ on around us these days.”

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Bottoms Up Newsletter

If any of you ALSO run a zine and would like us to post up your zine – please send us the PDF version as well! Would love to keep supporting all y’all!

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