CHECK OUT: Indonesian screamo band LKTDOV



Wow…this is beautiful screamo from Indonesia! Check out LKTDOV and the following press release by their record label Samstrong Records:

“LKTDOV, formerly known as LastKissToDieOfVisceroth, shortened their name after a split cassette with Singapore’s Paris In The Making. Formed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2008, the band was cited as one of the first wave of “90’s Screamo/Skramz” in Indonesia. Before this, many Indonesian kids thought that the term “Screamo” is what bands sounded like Bring Me The Horizon, Atreyu or those wave of “MTV Screamo”. The band came into existence and bring up some Orchid, Jeromes Dream, Daitro to Envy influenced tunes to the public. Within few years span, they had some releases mostly split project such as with Cancel Cancel (Singapore) and Spritz! (Malaysia).

At first, the band was created as a side project since all the members already had their own bands. Some friends come and go in the life of LKTDOV, members that share their skills in this band includes from Wicked Suffer, Wound, Cloudburst, Maur, Warmouth, This Heart, Energy Nuclear, Sri Plecit, Summer In Vienna, Anggisluka, Goddest of Fate and Dirty Light. In 2015 the line up consist of: Rahmat Gunawan (Warmouth/Maur/Energy Nuclear) on drum, Okta (Wound/Cloudburst/Goddest of Fate) play bass, Indra “Menus” (To Die) on vocal, Aan (Sri Plecit/Summer In Vienna) on synth also 3 guitarists: Justiawan Yudha “Bogex” (This Heart/Wound/Cloudburst etc), Wisang (Dirty Light) and Ariyo “Penyox” (Dirty Light/Lord of Visceroth).

The band’s sound that now heavily influenced by European Screamo sound with lots of reverb and embrace some Post Rock atmosphere were drafting attention from the Post Rock fans in Indonesia. The Indonesian Post Rock Community even asked the band to contribute their song for a compilation tittled “Momentum”. Meanwhile a fellow Post Rock musician, Surya Widodo from the band LastElise, offer his interest with the band to produce the new album.

The 2nd full album which tittled “All We Have Left Is A Memory Of Yesterday” was recorded in Olivine studio, 14th-16th June 2015 by Cahyo Woelu, mixed and mastered by Surya Widodo at Askara Audio Labs. Few collaborators was asked to contribute something for the album. Adi Kewz (Anggisluka) who play drum in some of the songs is making a remix of LKTDOV’s classic “Is It A Dream Within A Dream”. Meanwhile Sean ESL (Bossbattle from U.S) contribute a remix of “Welcome To Another World” from his studio in Delaware. Gisela Swaragita (Summer In Vienna, Seahoarse) and Janitra Ayu give their spoken words to some of the songs in the album.

The new album is released on 31st August 2015 by Samstrong Records on cd in Indonesia, while Utarid Tapes (label owned member Second Combat) will release the cassette version in Malaysia.”

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