Youth Crew Band Brave Out Release New Album – Give Us Track by Track Breakdown [Japan]


Big day on Unite Asia and for Asia in general…today Japanese youth crew band Brave Out have released their debut full-length ‘World Rot’ and HOLY FUCK it’s so goddamn good…elements of Youth of Today, Have Heart are all clearly found in these beautifully written tracks (further below you’ll see how Have Heart specifically inspired the band). Even if you’re not a fan of that more straight-ahead hardcore punk sound, give this a spin. You will NOT regret it. Also, halfway through the album, the band flips the script moving from their more trademark youth crew flare to something that sounds more akin to Inside Out – starting from the title track onwards. This new direction of the band is EVERYTHING. Goddamn…so keep listening and you’re going to find out why this record is going to be very important.

The band was kind enough to send us a track-by-track breakdown of what each song means to the band.

Congrats to the band…the album is out on VINYL right fucking now on Fired Stomp Records – so grab a copy of this for sure to be a classic Japanese hardcore release. Look at that slammin’ artwork by Chris Wilson, the vocalist of Ekulu!

Records’s on sale HERE.

“Last summer, I saw a homeless man begging for food on the street. He used to have a regular job but lost it because of COVID. He hadn’t eaten for 3 days so I gave him some money to buy food for at least a few days. This song encompasses how I felt experiencing this.”

“Throughout the pandemic, we were all met with confusing information. What we should or should not do made the entire situation much worse. This song is about the feeling of despair and confusion we all felt throughout the past few years. Feelings that aren’t easy to express.”

“This song is about discrimination and prejudice. I decided in my heart that I would never use my words to discriminate or judge people.”

Constant Rage
“The song is about all the pressure and frustration that follows us day to day living in this world.”

Is Anyone
“The song is to encourage ourselves to be alive and stay well.”

“In Japan, almost daily you will see news reports of parents killing their own children. This is an almost daily occurrence here. This especially when happens when the parents are separated and society then blames this one parent. Are they truly to blame? Is there any way society could have done a better job supporting them?”

World’s Rot
“The song “Watch Me Rise” by Have Heart inspired me lyrically here. It’s hard to live in this world being ourselves without acting like someone else. If our own lives aren’t going well we’re the only ones to blame for it not going well. But is this really how things should be?”

“People on social media and TV like to talk as if they’re really knowledgable of what they’re talking about. Often within a few short words, they spew a bunch of nonsensical things that they believe is true. They can spread and perpetuate racial animosities. It doesn’t matter if anything they say is based on facts or not. As long as it brings in the cash they need, they’ll keep saying it.”

“I used humor to sing about stupid politicians and our broken financial system and the people who support them.”

Nothing Remain
“Many people are forced to suffer at the hands of incorrect political ideas and policies. This song is a straightforward angry song about this.”

“Another song about racism. Stop judging people.”

Anger From Inside
“Simple song about anger and unrest.”

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