You’re Not Ready for This. Metallic Hardcore Act Void Turned To Message Drop New EP [Nepal]

You are not ready for this.

Void Turned to Message is a heavy metallic hardcore band from Nepal that features a vocalist who sounds like a rabid dog trying to break out of a cage. And on this band’s new EP, a follow-up to their debut EP ‘Bidroha ko Biu’ released in 2020, he sounds even more unhinged. The music too has grown by leaps and bounds and is not solely based on a complete pummeling of the listener. There are so many more elements incorporated in the band’s overall sonic attack. And that’s what this is still, another ferocious aural attack.

Vehement Records had this to say, “Void Turned To Message is truly the culmination of years of underground music in the East. The one band that truly represents the unwritten history and intensity of Far East. VTTM emerges from DAMAK, the district of Jhapa. The notorious city is infamous for its street fights and history of drug abuse. You can feel that delinquency and desperation in Void’s music.

If you’re looking for riff circus, manic drumming, and pure hatred in this record. You’re missing out on the point. Void Turned To Message is a heavily lyric & literature-oriented band that dives deep down into the roots of our culture, tradition, history, and particularly in our grief & void as a III world nation.

Mausam, the vocalist, is a victim himself of modern-day slavery early in his youth and he himself is of a minority group of people in the country. ‘Damai’ people, occupational tailors, and musicians, who were/are oppressed for generations because of the ruthless caste system of Nepal. The stuff he writes about the struggles in perspective of the youth of a III world nation and a youth from an oppressed group of people. Just reading the words will give you chills because it has so much truth, honesty, and grief in it. This is not just singing but in fact expressing the suffocated thoughts, feelings and dissatisfaction from generations which is being unheard and overlooked in our country/society.”

That last part explains a LOT about his vocal delivery.

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