YOOOOO! Queen City Crew Drop Debut Full Length ‘Unbreakable’ and Shit Rips! [Philippines]

Cebu hardcore at its finest right here folks.

Queen City Crew are veterans of their scene and today their debut album ‘Unbreakable’ (basically 18 years in the making) is finally available for the rest of us to sink our teeth into. If Strife is your jam yo, don’t sleep on this (there’s a drum fill in the track ‘Injustice’ which is a straight-up nod to Strife and we’re here for it!). Not only that, but the band CLEARLY wants you to lose your mind in the pit. The songs are built for circle pits, MASSIVE sing-alongs, and when they slow that shit down, the songs will absolutely be THE soundtrack for immense pit violence. The weak should heed our warning – when the breakdowns hit, step to the side. And when you hear that china cymbal, call your parents and say goodbye cause your life’s about to end. The band’s tempo changes are like a master class in itself – literally caught ourselves screaming “WOAH” out loud at the 3.11 mark on ‘Strength For Strength’. Goddamn – if the ENTIRE venue doesn’t erupt into 2-stepping – you don’t know shit about hardcore.

13 solid tracks right here folks with tons of help from friends who drop features all over this thing. Some of the vocalists featured on this banger of a record are the following:

Sugar – Stabwounds, Hatemail – on ‘Nothing to Prove’
Kan2x – Toxic Orgasm – and Iping – The Ambassadors – on ‘In Memory Of’
Marvic – Gardo – and Sam pipebomb – Pipebomb Landmines – on ‘Queen City United’

If there are any labels out there that can get this out on vinyl – DO IT.


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