Wow…Check Out Malaysian Band Sweetass On New Single/Video

Sweetass’ latest single “Celaka” presents a portrait of fragile naive youth as it outgrows its insulating imaginary world. Memories of falling in and out of love too easily, and learning the hard way which of your friends to trust. The song presents a nostalgic take on teenage romance and betrayal, the classic love triangle brings an end to friendships as brothers sailang each other. Youth is the freedom to play and naturally, to fall down and scrape your knee. Again and again and again.

Director John Hafiz brings to us his vision of CELAKA; a so-called friend dancing like a jerk in the corner of the party while everyone around him descends to their shittiest form. It only takes one asshole to bring us all down and while you slip, he bides his time… as the prawn waits behind the rock, ready and itching to step between you and any chance at your youthful romance.

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