Vocalist of Ukranian Prog-Metal Band Septa Releases Update [Ukraine]

Vocalist of Ukraine prog-metal band Septa has released an update on his current situation in Odesa:


Thank you for all your messages and comments, they are all really heartwarming, and we can feel your support. Sorry if I haven’t responded quickly enough: we’re safe, the situation is stable.

And now let’s get to things which I know for a fact because I either saw them with my own eyes or heard them with my own ears. So no one would think that I’m a tool of some sort of propaganda.

Truth is one and it goes like this:
1. 5AM Putin gave his speech about demilitarizing Ukraine and Russia’s special mission in our Eastern regions.
2. 5AM I woke up in Odesa from the first explosion and hasn’t slept since then. There were more than five explosions after that. They were either from ballistic missiles and/or explosives. It happened in the three biggest cities of Ukraine: Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, almost simultaneously. It was done in a really sadistic manner: to be seen and heard from everywhere in the town. All to destabilize and demoralize our population. Also, a lot of fakes started circulating stating that we’ve been already successfully occupied by Russian forces.
3. Then the land invasion began, throughout the whole border with Russia, Belarus, and the unclaimed Russian satellite republic near Moldova. And from Crimea, of course. Our army crushed mostly all of their advances. The enemy wasn’t prepared for this, they were planning for a quick blitzkrieg, but got kicked in the gut.
4. All day on all territory of Ukraine there were battles with the Russian army. A lot of heroes died this day, but we’ve managed to kill 400 Russian soldiers, who were brought here with the knowledge that the Ukrainian army can’t fight, we captured some of them: they are lost, confused, and miserable. We’ve destroyed 24 tanks, 7 jets, 7 helicopters, and numerous other armored vehicles. They clearly weren’t prepared for this.
5. But this was just 18 hours of warfare, the worst is yet to come. We’re preparing for sleep and are well aware that this one can be our last. We went to a bomb shelter and spent there one hour with our cats just to get the drill. I love my country, I love my family, I still want to build our future here. I believe in our army, I believe in Ukraine.

We will fight for our freedom, we will fight for Europe. Please, share this post, let everyone know, this is the only truth before Russia starts spreading its propaganda. Thank you!”

Go support the band: https://www.facebook.com/septaisnotaband

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