Vocalist of Seasons For Change Returns To Pop Punk Roots On Solo Project – KASA [Hong Kong]

Always cool to support our fellow Hong Kong brethren, especially when they’re this damn good. Kenta is the vocalist of one of our favorite Hong Kong bands Seasons for Change and has been running a solo project under the KASA moniker for some time now. He has just returned with a brand new single entitled ‘Clocks’ that sees him return to his pop-punk roots.

“I’ve held myself back for a long time – not having enough confidence or the motivation to pursue my solo project seriously. I was so focused on doing covers because it felt safe, and I was self-conscious about releasing music on my own (I’ve been very quiet about my lofi hip-hop releases so far). But this past year, my passion for making music has been revived, inspired by my jam sessions with Kowloon Cowboys and Naseem of SCRIPTVRE. They helped me gain my confidence back, and I’m more motivated than ever to get my music out.

In my early 20s, I wrote a lot of songs. Songs influenced by my love for 2000s Pop Punk music in my teenage years. I picked my favorite ones, polished them, and currently getting them ready for a proper release. Now they feel nostalgic and I hope that’s the feeling listeners get when they hear my music.

‘Clocks’ is the first single. It is a love song about feeling a different sense of time when you’re with and without the person you love. Stayed tuned for a Japanese version of ‘Clocks’ coming out in January and expect lots of new music from me in 2023!”


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