Vocalist of Malaysian straight edge hardcore band Second Combat releases book

Vocalist of Malaysian straight edge hardcore band Second Combat, Ein, has released a tell all book about his life. Ein was kind enough to send in some extra information about the book:

“The book tells the story of how I was caught up in trouble while I was younger and how I managed to get out of that circle of negativity. I was growing up rebelling against the mainstream. The book also talks about my countless experiences throughout my life starting in the 90’s where I felt like hardcore punk was all about knowledge and ethics. There’s also a story about the first time I met you and King Ly Chee and how stoked I was to see a Chinese hardcore and Chinese straight edge kids for the first time.

There are more stories about my experiences in hardcore and punk in the book. It was a great experience living through the 90’s-2010 era – some of the best in my life and I will never forget it.

I hope I can inspire more people through the book.”

To order the book hit up the publishers page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/bukupojok The book is currently in Malay only but we’re hoping that one day there will be an English translation that will be made available.

We did an interview with Ein awhile ago that was very informative in case you want to find out what this amazing individual has spent his life doing for the past few years: https://uniteasia.org/interview-ein-of-second-combat-drug-free-malaysia/

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