Vocalist Of Hong Kong Metal Band ARKM Releases Book – Excerpt Up Now

Allison Nicole Gentry is the vocalist of Hong Kong metal band ARKM and is someone that has been a major supporter of Hong Kong’s small and fickle underground scene for many years. She’s always someone that’ll be in the pit ready to throw down for her favorite local bands and ALWAYS has kind things to say to all local bands. Hong Kong actually needs more people like her who can see the potential in other bands and realize that what would REALLY help bands just starting out are words of encouragement instead of talking them down about how they messed up here or sucked there. Hong Kong, for some reason, expects bands to be machines right out the gate.

Woah – what a rant.

Our apologies.

Having been an outstanding member of our community, we are so excited to present to you the news that she has just released her first ever book. This all-heart, all-passion vocalist is now a published author with her first titled being We’ll Grow Oranges in Alaska. Even the title of the book looks like a Netflix series waiting to happen! 🙂

The book is available through this link: BUY HERE

And she’s celebrating the release of the book at this event on Feb 2: https://www.facebook.com/events/2515821665323885/

Here’s the synopsis:

There’s more than meets the eye in 17-year-old Loris. At first glance, he seems like nothing but a youth who is always causing mischief and mayhem. Everything changes when he meets his new English Literature teacher, Ellie—a 29-year-old idealist who seems to relate more to her students than the other teaching staff. An unlikely friendship is formed between the two when a catastrophic event occurs during school hours called ‘The Reckoning,’ in Hong Kong. As chaos ensues and with society in ruins, where do societal norms, ethics, and social status stand? Can a teacher and a student put aside their assigned roles to work together in a post-apocalyptic society? How far will they go when the only person they can depend on is each other?

And here’s a full excerpt that she was kind enough to send to us:

The first time she saw him, she knew right away that there was something different about him. He wasn’t like all the other students. There was a certain distinction to him. Something overlooked—something most teachers hadn’t had the eyes to recognize. In fact, most people missed it actually. Or perhaps they were just too tired from all their years of professional service and daily grind to see past their routines. But Ellie was different. She had a chip on her shoulder. She always had to be the savior on account of her personal shortcomings. She was so convinced and motivated that she would be the one to help him, she couldn’t see that she was the one who really needed to be saved. Loris would be, to both their surprise–her saving grace in spite of her personal shortcomings.

It started out like any other school day in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Children were rushing in, flooding the school’s gates. Teachers sighed, muttering among themselves that Friday was just another few days away and Chinese New Year was just around the corner when in fact it was a few months away. This banter always started on a Monday and continued until the last bell rang on Friday afternoon. The school bell sounded and tardy pupils were kept behind in order to not disrupt the morning assembly while the rest of the students lined up by class. The disciplinary master made her way towards the stage.

“Good morning, students,” she said sternly as if talking to a group of prisoners in a concentration camp. Her eyes darted, glaring out, challenging someone to try and disrespect her just so punishment could be carried out. She got off on punishment.

“Good morning, Mrs. Green,” the students said monotonously, with sleep still in their eyes.

Not satisfied, she snapped back, “Let us try that again, shall we? Good morning, students.” Her eyes narrowed even more. It was a wonder she could even see.

“GOOD MORNING, Mrs. Green,” they all said bowing, eyes wide opened now. Hong Kong students were groomed at the early age of four to show the utmost respect to their teachers.

Still dissatisfied, Mrs. Green opened her mouth to speak but…

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