Vishal – Vocalist of Nepalese Hardcore Band Neck Deep In Filth – Release Top 5 Riffs

Our dude Vishal in Nepalese hardcore band Neck Deep in Filth just released this cool video on his friend’s youtube channel talking about his top 5 favorite riffs. Dope topic and EVERY riff he mentions is a MONSTER! As the video is mainly in Nepalese, he was kind enough to send us an English translation.

Check out the write up below – and the video further below!

“My old friend Suncha (guitarist of the Nepali rock band Albatross) wanted me to play five of my favorite riffs of all time for his channel. However, I couldn’t do it because I don’t have any gear so I made this video instead. It definitely worked for me because I can’t play all those riffs and the ones I can sound terrible when I play them haha…

SOD – March Of The SOD

The greatest intro in heavy music. I couldn’t believe how easy it was when I learned how to play it and that’s exactly what makes it so great.

Only Living Witness – Prone Mortal Form

Just a badass, groovy Sabbath-influenced riff. Simple to play and yet I’ve never been able to pull it off and make it sound as cool as it is. I don’t even try anymore.

Mindsnare – Bulldozed

This riff makes me want to harm people. So hard.

Helmet – In The Meantime

So heavy and so simple to play. And yet I haven’t been able to pull it off after all these years.

Sangharsha – Prasanna

My old friend Kshitiz’s band before he formed Chepang. The entire song has so many cool parts but the last sludgy riff is something else. Really cool sounding.

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