Video trailer up for Vietnamese heavy music fest School of Mosh

School of Mosh

Vietnam’s heavy music festival School of Mosh has released a trailer for their upcoming show that’s taking place on January 23 in Hanoi. Check it out below!



? Festival nh?c metal/hardcore SCHOOL OF MOSH, quy t? t?ng c?ng 15 ban nh?c t? kh?p m?i mi?n Vi?t Nam và t? các n??c Thái Lan, Hàn Qu?c và H?ng Kông, SCHOOL OF MOSH s? là m?t show nh?c metal/hardcore ngoài tr?i l?n nh?t Hà N?i t? tr??c ??n nay.

? Không ch? chìm ??m trong âm nh?c su?t 10 ti?ng ??ng h?, các b?n s? ???c hòa mình vào các ho?t ??ng v?n hóa ???ng ph? nh? tr??t ván, trình di?n bmx, graffiti, x?m & x?, th?i trang streetwear, ?m th?c, v.v… t?i không gian ngoài tr?i vô cùng tuy?t v?i c?a Hanoi Creative City, t? h?p sáng t?o, ngh? thu?t, gi?i trí ch?t nh?t Hà N?i.

? 9:00 – 22:00 ngày 23/1/2016
Hanoi Creative City
S? 1 L??ng Yên, Hai Bà Tr?ng, Hà N?i

? Bands:
HONG KONG: King Ly Chee ???
SOUTH KOREA: End These Days
THAILAND: Born From Pain, Extazy
HANOI: 18+ band, W A A H, Bloodshed, 084, MXM, WINDRUNNER
HUE: Brainwash
SAIGON: In Your Eyes, Razor Leaf, Knife – Sticking Head, The Official Clockwork.

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