VIDEO PREMIERE: Indonesian hardcore band Standfree release video feat. Azis Blind to See


Today we have the immense honor of premiering Indonesian hardcore band Standfree’s brand new music video for the track Muak off their recently released, and fucking spectacular, 3 way split CD entitled Unstoppable. When you hit play on this blast of hardcore the first thing that will pop out is that insane vocals that sounds like Ray Cappo’s soul is coming out of the body of an Indonesian hardcore kid. IT IS SO AWESOME! As bassist Andri points out in the interview below – this breathtaking vocalist is none other than Azis of legendary Indonesian straight edge hardcore band Blind to See.

Check out the goods below and enjoy the short read.

We have spoken about this split before at these links:

What’s up Andri? How’s the reception been to this three way split release?
Well it’s been less than a month since we released the three way split so we don’t know about the reception yet. But as far as we know from press releases, friends and media, they love this split and so we’ve received positive reviews so far.

Tell us about the meaning behind this song that we’re premiering today?
It’s about how there’ll always be a group of people who judge others based on their skin, beliefs and things that are really not necessary anymore in this day in age. We want to deliver a message to our audience that our differences don’t matter at all.

Who is the feature and why did you invite him?
His name is Azis. He is the vocalist of a legendary Bandung hardcore band called Blind to See. He is one of the pioneers of the straight edge movement in Bandung/Indonesia. The reason why we invited him is because Azis’ spirit matches the message we’re trying to deliver.

How do you find time to do this and Under18?!
First come first serve! Hahahahaha…I manage my schedule by seeing which band gets their schedule out first. It’s not easy playing in two or three bands. I have to split my time and manage it carefully to make sure that I don’t have a clash of dates between Standfree and Under18 and also with my family.

How do people outside of Indonesia pick up the record?
You can listen to this three way or order the CD and our merch from our bandcamp page For streaming, it will be released on Spotify and Apple music after the release party. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!