Vartey Ganiva Releases Great Video For Brand New Track [Cambodia]

Cambodian artist Vartey Ganiva has released a brand new track and video. Yab Moung has kindly sent in some background info about the song:

“The song Chob Chur is a love song and not a love song. Both are correct. Chob Chur is translated in a metaphorical sense “stop being a drama queen and move on!” Love makes us stronger. And love exists in so many ways, not only in a romantic way between two people. The song talks about the higher meaning of love. When love transcends, creates solidarity, is respect for human nature, and therefore humans and nature. Love tells us about the vulnerability of life. The basis of life is our planet, our nature. The warrior woman in the music clip represents the vulnerability, and that vulnerability is a strength, a source for courage. And courage saves a life, heals a broken heart, creates an alternative. – But it is time, stop whining and only care about yourself, look around you, love is giving and taking. Love is the beauty of life, hold on to it, preserve it, fight for it!”

Low budget productions are cool! Not only fun though. DIY is sort of natural protection against popular content, in the end, we all end up there though – make warrior women more popular!!!

Video concept & Production: Yab Moung,
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