Vanilla Thunder Records Release Killer Asian Hardcore Punk Compilation 7″ – Get It!

Yo goddamn…Singapore-based label Vanilla Thunder Records have just dropped THE 7″ of 2023 thus far. The label is well known for their small run of releases that instantly sell out within seconds of putting up orders.

The whole idea for our lathe cut releases first and foremost is to preserve and archive music on a format that could and have proven, endured the test of time, that’s the sole purpose of the label and its relationship to the lathe cuts format. We believe vinyl and lathe cuts will continue to keep music alive even after we are long gone. We made the records so the music can last for future generations. Though much can be desired with lathe cuts, it’s still one of the best formats for new bands to cement their music forever. Lathe cuts are the closest to vinyl you’ll ever get.

We are also fond of doing spoofs, alternate, and special covers, something we have been doing since both label’s inception 12 years ago. We don’t have any official catalog number for our releases nor do we provide any downloads. We believe that the tracks belong to the bands and if you need to download the music, feel free to visit their website, bandcamp, or get in touch with em directly. 

This compilation is made up of tracks from our previous lathe cuts releases. We’ve been kicking around the idea to do a compilation for a while now. So we decided to put together the bands that we have worked with on 1 7″. Usually, our lathe cuts are in very small quantities, 25-30 copies and we knew that not everyone gets the chance to own a copy of any of the releases. This compilation is for those that missed the releases the first time around and it’s also our way of showing gratitude and appreciation to all the bands that have put their faith in us.

At the moment we have no plans to put out CDs or cassettes. VT don’t play by the “rules”, we go against the grain. Look out for more ridiculous small runs, and get in touch for info on upcoming releases.”

The 7″ contains a total of 13 bands and 13 tracks! That’s right – on ONE 7″ you got 13 tracks by bands from South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

If you’re fast you may be able to still get your hands on a copy. They’re probably all gone by the time this post goes up! is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!