URGENT: Incredible Malaysian Venue The Key Raided – Require Our Help

URGENT: Incredible Malaysian Venue The Key Raided – Require Our Help. Please read below:

“On the eve of 1st September, one of the important and beloved venues, The Key, was raided by the Melaka City Council. In case you didn’t know, The Key is one of the DIY space that is managed collectively by the kids in Melaka, Malaysia. They had been existed for a couple of years now and had hosted a number of shows for local and touring bands. Now, it is time for us to help them back!

According to one of the individual behind The Key, Montox, the raid had occurred on September 1, 2018. However, full detailed story had not been released about the day the raid had occurred. The only thing that we know is that no one were arrested and the whole back-line and PA systems were confiscated.

On September 3, several individuals behind The Key went to the Melaka Municipal Council to settle this matter as requested. To their surprise, the officer that had been involved in the case was absent even though he/she had promised and requested The Key representative to attend on Monday (3rd September).

However, they were informed that they would be fined. The amount that they need to pay is RM 5575 or $1342.40. This amount needs to be paid before September 19 or the charge would be double the current amounts.

Further information would be released by the individuals behind The Key. For more information on Paypal or the case, please contact Montox Flees (https://www.facebook.com/montox.aghory) or the venue itself (https://www.facebook.com/thekeymelaka/).


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