UPDATED: On Russian Vocalist of Crispy Newspaper Being Arrested For Anti-War Stance

The following update was submitted to us. It was written by Aaron Muchanic:

“On April 26, in the second police department of Yakutsk, we learned that Ayhal Ammosov (according to the passport of Igor Ivanov) will be held the next day at 9:00 a.m. We urgently found a lawyer and today, April 27, approached the Yakut City Court at the appointed time. On the spot, we learned that they are going to be judged according to article 20.3.3. We were then told that the court would take place a little later without a specific time. According to police officials, Ayhal was at the second police station where he was kept under custody. When we arrived there, to the question of whether Ayhal was with them now, we received a positive answer. While waiting, we received a message from eyewitnesses that he was already in the courthouse and that the hearing was about to begin. We hurried back and found out the information was reliable – and the court had already begun. The court began at about 10:00, since the session was closed, only the lawyer entered. After a long session, around 3:30pm the lawyer said we had won one case and that Ayhal would step down soon – he was supposed to be released with a warrant of obligation to approach trial, according to the court ruling he was given A fine of 500 rubles.

After a while, our lawyer, sensing something wrong, went to look for Ayhal. He informed us that Ayhala is being prepared for another case and they want to hold a new trial. Liberation was canceled – and our hope was taken back to the 2nd
police department. The court is scheduled for tomorrow, but at the moment it is unclear. We were able to find two attorneys, so we are announcing a fundraiser again with great hopes of support. We thank everyone who cares about the cause of our good friend Ayhal Ammosov!”

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