Two Day Thai Hardcore Fest – Hardcore In My Blood – Announced

It’s cool to see some places around Asia getting shit back on…Thailand has just announced a two-day hardcore fest to take place Sept 5 and 6. The fest is the second edition of an event called Hardcore In My Blood – infamous song by Thai hardcore band Born From Pain.

What makes this event even more special than clearly showing that Thailand has beaten this Covid-19 shit down HARD, is that all proceeds from the show will be donated a friend of the scene – Brother Kae.

“Brother Kae started having back pains 4 years ago, doctors diagnosed him with a rare bone condition and affected his joints throughout his body. After 3 years his joints started to deteriorate. It affected his hip bone and this made him unable to walk. He had surgery to repair his hip and got better until his knees started to fail. Doctors replaced his left knee and now needs surgery for his right one. His condition affected him and his family financially and he is now bedridden and unable to walk. He tells everyone that he still wants to go back and play for his punk band “Anata”.

That’s what hardcore is all about…check out all the details in the flyer below…if you’re familiar with Thai hardcore – this lineup is bananas. Check out some of the bands further below.

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