You On That Turnstile Tip? Check Out Vietnamese Hardcore Band HAPPYCO. [Vietnam]

No idea why bands don’t send us their stuff…you all should know that by getting us your information (we of course vet everything that comes in) you instantly have access to over 35,000 people on our FB page, 16,000 people on our IG, etc. right? Plus, as we have relocated here to London – we can ASSURE you that the world outside of Asia is paying attention. The amount of times people have stopped us at shows here in the UK and said “You run that site Unite Asia right?” It’s sick…

That’s all to say…there’s a new hardcore band outta Vietnam called HAPPYCO. who have released a pretty cool (and quite experimental if you ask us) new single entitled ‘V/S/ON’. The band states a whole bunch of influences like Snapcase, Turnstile, etc and it’s pretty obvious the band is trying to mix all that together to create something unique. This track is 100% evidence of that.

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