Tremendous Malaysian metalcore band Incarnation call it quits


My own band King Ly Chee has been playing in KL, Malaysia since 2004 and have gone back often…over this time we have been very lucky to have played and WATCHED the Malaysian metal/hardcore scene explode not just with the amount of bands, but the amount of GOOOOOOOOODDDD bands that should be international stars on the metal scene. Incarnation is one of those bands so reading this announcement earlier this morning really did take me back.

We wish these guys the best of luck in the future projects or even as they just go on living their lives! You guys made your mark!

Here’s their announcement:

“We know this may come as a surprise to many of you, but after being around in the scene for 10 years, we have decided to close our chapter in INCARNATION after our show at Rock The World 15 this year.

The reasons for our departure are not hostile in any sense. Changes in our personal lives demanded that we treated this as carefully as we could and with our deepest respect and reverence for all personal feelings, and for the aim of our journey.

If there was ever an accomplishment in what we did, it was the merging of five dudes in unity (although we had a few lineup changes) and the things that came as everything grew because of it. Not a single second was spared in these 10 years, and we’ll never ask for any of them back.

We also would like to thank every ex-bandmates, organizer, promoter, bands, musicians, photographer, videographer, roadie and whoever that worked with us. Keep on rocking the scene, guys.

Last, but most importantly, we thank all of YOU for being there. In the crowds, in front of the stereos and in our hearts. Without you, INCARNATION don’t mean shit.

For now, au revoirÂ…..”

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