TOUR REPORT: King Ly Chee Asian Tour – Singapore Stop


So I’m sitting here at Changi International Airport in Singapore sipping on some (gin and juice – just kidding) latte and I was finally able to get online to start updating the site.

The show last night was insane…Jai – the promoter – told us the show was sold out and he actually had to stop people from coming into the show! Now THAT’S the way to start an Asian tour! We played at an intimate venue called Pinknoize in a super awesome part of town, but before we even got to the venue I hopped on down to our boy Feroze’s (sings for Weight of the World AD) joint – he owns/runs/works at a tattoo/barber shop called Hounds of Baskerville. Yo – I’ve seen photos of this place but when I stepped in this place, the first thing that happened to me was I took a step back and revelled in what I was seeing. What was in front of me was a lifestyle/culturally rich shop right in front of me that was steeped in authenticity and a strong understanding of underground culture. From wall to wall, every inch of the flooring, the decor, the vibe, the atmosphere, the clothing that the staff had on – this was pure perfection of a creative mind’s genius of creating something remarkable in Singapore. No wonder, as Jai put it, this store is being mimicked and copied throughout Singapore. But all those shops will pale in comparison – the originators are always what will be remembered.

The reason I was here was because I was getting a “Unite Asia” tattoo in honor of this here website and all the great things that are happening through this website for the bands that pro-actively send us info about their shows, releases, etc. Feroze did it up fast and pretty all done and complete within two hours…check out the goods:


We hung out at the store and talked so much shit to so many different walks of life that I literally could’ve sat there all night talking to dudes who know King Ly Chee well and have a huge amount of respect for us. It was just cool to be somewhere foreign and have this much appreciation from people…not used to it so it was MUCH appreciated. Even later at the show there was such a great mix of punk rockers, skinheads, hardcore kids, metalheads, and just regular people who supported the show and us – and when we bumped into each one of them they all had such kind words to say about King Ly Chee and the website…it was a lot to take in but so humbling and gratifying to hear that people in Singapore know who we are and are into what we do!

Messages like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.20.31 am

Front of the shop:

Chilling in the back behind the barbor shop while Feroze is checking out new work that Ivan got done:  

Joe hanging out with the singer Kurt of one of my favorite Singaporean hardcore bands Straight Forward:

Lunch at our favorite corner spot on Arab Street…we ALWAYS come here for food. I got to try out my first “teh tarik” tata gula hahahaha…dude – you NEED that gula to make this taste as good as it does. Without that gula – it tastes horrible! Hahahaha…    

Jai of Overthrown|Reconstrux Bookings, myself and the man, the myth, the legend Feroze:  

Ivan even got a haircut here:

Next we headed over to Pinknoize to do a little soundcheck with the brilliant Singaporean skapunk band called The Full Pledge Munkees! It was OFF the chains…what happened was I asked them if they would want to do a crossover song for the song that we cover called Scream for Life by SMZB from China. They said yes and we went over to the venue to do a quick soundcheck…it sounded even better then I could have ever imagined! Those guys killed it… 

Opening bands were all stellar and great mix between old and new. We had newer bands like State of Pain destroy it followed by Singapore’s hardcore kings Overthrown (active since 1996 dude!) throw it down HARD. These guys haven’t played in Singapore all year and it meant the WORLD to us that they said “King Ly Chee is coming? We’re playing this show for sure!” Meant the fucking WORLD. All their new jams sound insane LIVE and I can’t wait until the full mixed/mastered EP is out. Watch out for that shit! State of Pain being a newer band definitely bring that fresh vibe and play a brand of hardcore that seems pretty huge in Singapore – NYHC style. Being younger dudes they definitely brought the crowd too! That’s HOW you do it if you’re playing in a newer band – you make sure that when you show up at a show and you’re trying to make a name for your band, you bring your friends out and make them go ape-fucking-shit! They were amazing and such friendly dudes – good luck to you guys!

Weight of the World A.D. was Feroze’s band and after spending a couple hours in very close proximity with this homie, I couldn’t wait to see his band rip it up. Definitely a TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH as nails bands that play a more brooding style of hardcore – they were sick live!

We didn’t even realize that the girls from Singaporean female hardcore band The Radigals were there!!! I wished had I known I would have had to loved to have talked to them!


The rest of the night we got to stay at Jai & Noora’s house and just talk talk talk talk until I fell asleep…I’m always the first one knocked out and first one up hahahahaha…       

   Thank you Singapore & Jai for setting off the first show of our tour on such a high note…can’t wait to be back September 25! More news about THAT show soon…

Wait until we post up a tour report about getting into Indonesia…that’s coming up.

Remember everyone that you can download our songs for FREE at this link! These are the songs that we’re playing on this tour! All you gotta do is open the link, download the songs, and play them!

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