Thai Post Hardcore Greats BrandNew Sunset Announce Sixth Full Length The Machiner

Oh shiiiiieeeeeetttt…Korean hardcore punk band Flush started our day off right by releasing their fucking BADASS 3 track EP (here!), and then minutes later we almost crashed our car when we found out that one of our favorite Asian acts – Thailand’s Post-Hardcore Monsters BrandNew Sunset – have announced a brand new album The Machiner dropping this October. This will be the band’s SIXTH album.

BrandNew Sunset has stated the album will be released on CD, LP, Cassette, and Digital formats on their own label Black Groove Records. Since we’re such fans of the band…we kept pushing and pushing for more info, and they kindly sent us this cryptic description of the music “This record is like The Beatles’ REVOLVER meets Black Sabbath’s VOLUME4”. WHAT?!?!? Sounds EPIC! Anyone who’s seen this band LIVE and the IMMENSE power the band has on stage both in terms of presence and sonically (they sound ENORMOUS live) should have no doubt that if anyone could marry The Beatles and Sabbath it’d be this band. BrandNew Sunset is made up of excellent musicians who put their entire heart and soul into their music and the live shows…hoping to see them again soon someday!

The band has kindly stated that the world will get the first taste of the release in a matter of weeks…until then, go reacquaint yourself with the band’s phenomenal last album Of Space And Time released back in 2016.

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