Thai Hardcore Label HOLDING ON RECORDS On Fire – Drop TWO New Releases in a Week

On the eve of Thai hardcore act CARRY ON dropping their brand new EP – the face-melting 8-track ripper ‘City of Life and Death’, we’re just so stoked for the label holding shit down for hardcore in Thailand – HOLDING ON RECORDS.

Vocalist, Kawin, sent us a track by track breakdown:

Forget the Suffering
“This is about those who are unhappy but have pledged to themselves that they will find a way out to fix the issues they’re facing.”

A Part of Fife’s
“This is to encourage a person stuck in fear. Do and dare to do what you want to do and you’ll be free.”

“It’s a relief for those who don’t want to do anything but need to find the space to make himself happy again.”

Carry On
“This is about how some of us who wake up in the morning and are immediately stuck under a cloud of negative feelings. I just want to express this feeling.”

“It’s a short instrumental song. It was a song that wanted to convey a vibe for those who are feeling down.”

“He who fears no death, he who fears no good-bye. It’s the truth that you have to face and accept it.”

Will Never End
“People who have bad feelings are always stuck in a negative cycle. But sometimes we have to believe that there’s a plan for everything – it’s like God’s will.”

Carry On’s brand new EP comes only a few days after the label dropped one of our favorite releases. A Thai hardcore band that’s bringing something different to the Thai hardcore table – HELLMOSPHERE. The riff-tastic world of Hellmosphere is something you all should be all over especially if you’re a fan of Only Living Witness, Type O Negative, Twitching Tongues, etc.

And in a few weeks, the label will be dropping the full EP of straight-edge hardcore band MONUMENT X as well.

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