Thai alternative rock band Penny Time have released a new music video

penny time

Thai band Penny Time has released a new music video and the band explains it best:

“I’m prouder than ever to present our new single “Conversating” to you, our amazing friends, rather than explaining the meaning behind the song I believe it’s your right as listeners to perceive it as you wish. Instead I’ll explain the reason why this project took so long and it was because just a few weeks before the release of our previous single “Now” we decided to adopt the D.I.Y ethics, which means everything will be done within the band or in technical terms it meant “eschewing the socially accepted standard of success and forging your own path”

and that friends, it means we use our pocket money, our own time and most important the art comes straight from our souls. We do take little pieces of inspiration here and there from other D.I.Y various artists like Warpaint, Dot Hacker and John Frusciante or in our local scenes we will see bands like Artist Focus, Cyndi Seui or Matthew Fischer. These are the people who I feel very hard (if not, harder) than us and that is every waking moment focused on crafting what we want to make for ourselves or more important, people who want to listen

Conversating was done over the span of 9 months, we literally felt like we were carrying a baby and just could not wait to give birth. Over those months we discussed, debated and even at times argue but alas the song is here.
All the drone footages were shot by my good friend Seanzill Bishop, who inputed very professional attitude through the filming process in making sure we had the shots we needed in such a small amount of time. The other footages were either shot by various friends of the band (see credits in video’s description).

As you’re reading this we are probably in a studio somewhere working on our next project but we would also like to thank you for your loyalty and time given to the band. We owe so much to you guys.

PS. This will be Ben’s final project with us, the music video brought us together again just 5 months after his absence in the band but however we cherish the little journey this project brought us.

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