Terror releases new music video showcasing a small handful of Asian hardcore bands


Terror has released a new music video called Deep Rooted showcasing hardcore bands from around the world. It’s a pretty cool concept and a great way to make sure that hardcore kids in the US understand that this thing is most definitely worldwide. Of course, as Asians we know that there are MANY more hardcore bands in the area besides the select few that were chosen. Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, India, Myanmar…all these places have hardcore bands as well with some of them that have been around for 20 plus years but are not as well known outside of their towns/cities. Even in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia that are represented in the videos – there are SO MANY who have celebrated 20 plus years of existence that are clearly unknown still outside of their cities and countries.

No fault of Terror’s of course – it’s super cool that they even chose to include Asia in this list in the first place. But it certainly provides more energy and passion to keep UniteAsia.org alive so that people start to get to know our bands and how fucking great they all are.

Keep it up all!!!

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