Teenage Trio Camlann Return With New Record Jammed Packed With Killer Tracks [Indonesia]

The dark disco teenage trio from Jakarta, Camlann, return with an album titled Circa 1983 which will be released by a German label, Cold Transmission Music on May 21, 2021. Circa 1983 becomes Camlann’s second album after releasing its first album, The Forgotten Lost Fragments. Previously, Camlann introduced the singles “1983”, “Give Me Light”, and “I’m Nobody” which were part of their second album. The album was produced by Pedro Code (IAMTHESHADOW, The Dream Collision, Rainy Days Factory), a darkwave musician from Portugal.

Fauzan Pratama, as the composer and synth player of Camlann explained how Circa 1983 was the result of their imagination. “Camlann aims to present our own interpretation of the past with modern nostalgia. In this album we want to invite listeners to our interpretation of Jakarta in 1983″. Through Circa 1983, Camlann reminisced about a time they had never been through, of which they haven’t even born yet. “Here, we are trying to make fiction that can relate to many people. So you can dedicate the songs in Circa 1983 to anyone you want. All the lyrics came from our imagination, as neutral as possible but nostalgic and relatable for everyone”.

This purpose inspired the music Camlann created in Circa 1983. While their first album focused on the gloomy darkwave influence, this time they grew bored and tried to get out of their comfort zone. Camlann combines various genres that represents the 80s, such as new wavedisco, and city pop. With a wide range of music, from Depeche Mode, Xmal Deutschland, Alphaville, Donna Summer, to Junko Ohashi, Camlann dared to call themselves a dark disco group. As the result, Circa 1983 was born as a unique mixture between 80’s new wave, disco, and synth-pop with a solid touch of modern darkwave to it. These influences were well mixed in the ten tracks on this album.

Camlann was formed in early 2019 as a personal project of Ony Godfrey and Zanetta Bangun (Chariszan) when they were 15 years old. After going through personnel changes, Ony met Fauzan Pratama when the two of them joined the science olympiad program. Fauzan then introduced Ony to Bayu Triyudanto, who made Camlann a very solid youth music group. Camlann received help from Zanetta Bangun, who was Ony’s senior when they were in junior high school, for their creative process.

For Camlann, Circa 1983 is an album that best describes who they are. Camlann is trying to break away from the ‘gothic’ label they have clung to and this album is the first step in their adventure. They try to play whatever they want without thinking about the frills of the genre. “We are sure that if we are not honest with our music, the result will not have any feeling,” said Ony. With their young age, Camlann have extraordinary musical potential and abilities, making them a unit worth listening to.


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