Taiwanese Hardcore Band Defeat The Giant Drop Leeway Cover in Fullset Live Video [Taiwan]

Taiwanese hardcore band Defeat The Giant are the flag bearers of not just their band, but hardcore as a whole in Taiwan. It truly is a thing of beauty to watch how this band gives it their all to spread the word as much as they can, and how, over time, they are making more and more progress in getting their fellow islanders on board with this culture.

Adding covers to your set is always a great way to get people to open up a bit. Dropping a Leeway cover? GODDAMN…brilliant. In the fullset live video, the band just released, they start their set with not only a Leeway cover, but actually open with a The Cars cover that seamlessly led into Leeway. The cover itself is done pretty much perfectly.

Respect to the band.
Respect to scenes around the world that aren’t very big and pretty much are just diehards performing in front of a small contingent of diehards. The so-called “Turnstile-effect” is not necessarily something that is being felt everywhere so for quite a few of us it still feels like we’re mainly playing for ourselves.

Defeat the Giant are the dudes in charge of this weekend’s hardcore festivities in Taiwanotherwise known as DIRTI. Go read about DIRTI HERE and go see the damn shows (info further below).

2.4 (SAT) DIRTI vol.7
VENUE: Legacy Chako
w/ Whispers, Defeat The Giant, Hateful Rezpect, Toxic Bald, Lazyfinga

2.5 (SUN) DIRTI House Special
VENUE: PIPE Live Music
w/ Whispers, Defeat The Giant, Bazooka, L-Schema, Flin

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