Symphonic Black/Death Metal Band Meridies Release New Single [Korea]

Symphonic blackened doom/death metal band Meridies out of Korea have released a new single that you have to check out. Shit’s intense!

“The song title and lyrics are taken from a poem by Yi Sang, a modern Korean author.

Yi Sang was perhaps the most famous avant-garde writer of the colonial era. In his work he experimented with language, interiority, separation from inside one’s self as well as the outer world. His poems, particularly, were influenced by Western literary concepts including Dadaism and Surrealism.

His literary legacy is punctuated by his modernist tendencies evinced throughout his oeuvre. His poems reveal the desolate internal landscape of modern humanity and, as in “Crow’s eye view poem” (Ogamdo si je1ho), utilize an anti-realist technique to condense the themes of anxiety and fear. His stories disjoint the form of traditional fiction to show the conditions of the lives of modern people. “Wings” (Nalgae), for example, utilizes a stream-of-consciousness technique to express these conditions in terms of the alienation of modern people, who are fragmented commodities unable to relate to quotidian (daily) realities.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!