Straight Edge Metallic Hardcore Band Defiant [Finland] Announce Nepal Tour

Check out heavy as fuck straight edge metallic hardcore band Defiant out of Finland! The band has just announced a Nepal tour taking place this November.

Guitarist, Saurav (originally from Nepal), was kind enough to give us the low down:

“The main reason we are doing this tour is cultural exchange, really. I’ve been here in Finland for so long and have seen/learned a lot about Nordic culture & music. I want guys from Defiant to see where I come from and let them experience new cultures and places.”

“Another reason for doing this tour is also that I want the guys from Defiant to see what’s up in Nepal. Our underground music scene and all. I’ve been playing in the Finnish underground scene for a while now. I want these guys to experience the underground music culture in Nepal.”

“On a personal level, it’s a homecoming show for me. The last time I played was in 2016 in Nepal with Breach. After that, I’ve evolved so much as a musician and as a person. I wanna come back home and reconnect with my people, play some music, hang out.”

While our dude is all the way out there in Finland we were certainly interested in seeing how planning a tour from all the way out there was working out for him and his band.

“The booking has been going much better than expected. We’ve booked the best venues and the best bands in the Nepalese underground scene are supporting us in our tour. Shout out to all the bands and people who are helping us with this tour.
Discord, Strangle, The Voices Unheard, Anhur, Maranatha, Nainsook. We’ll probably see Neck Deep In Filth come back in one of our shows. Avishek KC, Noodle NP, Vehement to name a few.”

We would have loved to play more cities. Maybe India & Indonesia too. But we have very limited time. So maybe next time!”

And finally, “Our only message we wanna spread on this tour is we wanna go beyond the boundaries that are set for us. We are bringing chaos over the Himalayas!”

Here are the dates and details:

Nov 5 – Purple Haze Rock Bar , Kathmandu
Nov 8 – Rolling Stones Rock Bar , Pokhara
Nov 12 – Grind Fest, Dharan Breezy Entertainment
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