Straight Edge Maniacs Manasik Karagar Out of Nepal Back With Raucous New Track [Nepal]

Dude…you’re not prepared for this.

When you think of “straight edge” many of you may think immediately of hardcore punk or youth crew bands like Youth of Today, etc. Some may even think of the more metallic bands like Earth Crisis.

Nepali straight-edge band Manasik Karagar is none of those. This band is just a no holds barred aural attack on your senses from glimpses of powerviolence, metallic hardcore, beatdown, chaotic hardcore to just extreme everything. The band’s new single ‘Rakchya’ (“devil” in Nepali) is about the filth of our society and the decline of human civilization. Which explains the immense chaos in the music.

If you haven’t heard the band’s debut EP released in 2021, it’s streaming further below.

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