Spectacular Screamo Band Rekah Unleash Debut Album ‘Kiamat’ [Indonesia]

After loitering around the Indonesian independent music scene for around 7 years, Rekah finally released their debut album titled “KIAMAT” on May 1st, 2022 as a digital download through The Storefront and cassette tape through Indonesian hardcore punk label Greedy Dust.

“KIAMAT” is an attempt by Rekah to synthesize every genre they love into one unpredictable ride. Filled with 9 diverse tracks ranging from angular black metal, late 90s screamo, to somber dream pop, every song bleeds from and into one another erratically.

Regarding the theme, Rekah talks (and shouts) about trying to survive as a neurodivergent person in the barren late-stage capitalist hellscape.

“When writing this album, I realized that mental health issues couldn’t be separated from the conversation on how to create a world that is free from work and exploitation. Our depression, our anxieties. Everything is intertwined with how we are being forced to work long hours in multiple jobs in order to survive,” said Tomo Hartono, who’s responsible for penning all the lyrics.

That might sound a bit downer, but they don’t want to write songs about defeat. They still believe that liberation starts with arming our despairs. That is the kind of hope Rekah intends to convey through their songs.

All the lyrics in the album are written in their native language, Indonesian.


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