Solidarity With Fellow POC Out There in The US – Check Out Hardcore Act Compa On Debut EP

While our world is burning everywhere, it’s in these dire times that we often find ourselves trying to find people to stand in solidarity with. Sure – here in Hong Kong it feels like we’re all alone drowning in this dying city, helpless and hopeless against a massive regime that is ready to do whatever it wants to us…but we’ve seen time and time again that there are people out there (especially in the West) who are ready to throw down on our behalf. The gratitude is beyond imagination…people here are so touched to see anyone taking up our cause. While the regime receives support from countries also run by dictators and authoritarian governments who have a history of trampling on the rights and liberties of its people – countries that no one on the planet would be proud of (North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria for example), the people of Hong Kong get support from countries that believe in human rights and democracy (Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Sweden just to name a few). So we know we continue to stand on the right side of history.

With this in mind, when US hardcore band Compa came across our social media radar we were blown away. The music is raw and emotional…but music being raw and emotional doesn’t cut it anymore because there are so many incredible bands releasing awesome music every day that just being awesome isn’t enough. It was when we opened their Bandcamp and saw the following sentence that we were sold 100%:

“White supremacy is
a many-headed snake.

Each of these songs is
our way of chopping off their heads.”

Oh shit…that’s something we can get behind. It’s time now for bands involved in hardcore and punk to go back to taking up positions on social/political issues. There’s just too much going on on this planet to not use this music as a medium to express our discontent…

The band hails from Brooklyn and features members from El Salvador, Mexico…so they’re fellow people of color – and we back that shit hard.

Here’s an AWESOME write-up about the band:

“Informed by the perspectives of being working class, queer, a woman of color, and the children of undocumented immigrants, Compa’s music is a diatribe against white supremacy, a tribute to the migration stories that made them and to the people that they love.”


Go check out the music and support POC out there trying to make a change.

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