With Social Distancing Measures Relaxed – Hong Kong Shows Are Poppin’ Off

Yo – social distancing measures have been relaxed here in Hong Kong and therefore shows are poppin’ off EVERYWHERE. As a website dedicated to heavy bands, we’re here to give you a little taste of shows for the next 3 Saturdays starting this Saturday. Rest assured if you’re into other types of music, Hong Kong has you covered as well.

The shows are happening at three different venues which is SICK and needs to happen more often so people are enticed to travel out of the comforts of their regular watering holes and see what the city has to offer. The shows begin in the regular haunts of an area called LKF, but then the following two venues are in areas in Kowloon called Kwun Tong and Kwai Hing. If you’re going to make it to ALL of these shows – you deserve a medal and us local heavy bands will love you forever for the effort to get up and out of what’s familiar and come out to support your local community.

Hit ’em up!

July 11
Event – Rulapalooza #2

Hong Kong promoters The Underground are starting their 17th year of putting on shows here with immense style. Their next show is this weekend featuring heavy AF local Hong Kong acts: Kyanos, Supernaut, Wreckage of Progress, and our favorite punk rockers Two Finger Salute. The show is taking place at a venue called Rula Live in Central (Lan Kwai Fong). Further below you can check out a fullset live video of a band (ARKM) who just performed there recently.

More info here.

July 18
Sai Coeng #13

Back in Kowloon – Kwai Hing – an awesome little venue called Sai Coeng are back with their first show after all these social-distancing measures have been relaxed here in Hong Kong. Their first show is off with a heavy and chaotic lineup including metallic hardcore band Dagger, crust-hardcore/punk act MEATS, duo punk act Bastardon, and hardcore band Streets of Rage. Sai Coeng is a venue you have to experience. It’s inside an industrial building and from the outside, you’re not going to expect much. But when you open the door – your jaw drops as you look at an intimate room with superb lighting and INCREDIBLE sound (and a stage!). Picture any of your favorite venues – just shrunk down, and you’ve got Sai Coeng. Check out a live video from local indie artist Mukzi performing there below. The venue fucking RULES.

More info here.


July 25
Heavy #22

No stopping The Underground. This time they’re taking events back to Kowloon at a venue called Wave Music Studio in Kwun Tong. The bands taking part include a band that has been on hiatus for a LONG ass time – thrash metal act Indenial. The band will be debuting their brand new vocalist at this show. Other acts taking part are After After Party, Yeuk Yeung, and Streets of Rage. So you got everything from metalcore, thrash metal, hardcore punk, to punk rock. The venue is a music store by day and at night the owners push all the furniture and instruments to the side and turn it up. Gotta go check it out!

More info here.



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