Singapore hardcore band LC93 has released a preview track from upcoming record


YOOOOOOO! We’re SO stoked to hear a track by LC93, a band which features luminaries of the Singapore hardcore scene! The track comes off their upcoming full length. The coolest part of this track is that it has 90’s hardcore stamped all over it! From the raw production (nothing in the recording is “perfect” but that’s the EXACT beauty and power in this recording), to the riffs, to the vocal styling (the intro groove has a very early 90’s feel)! SOOOOOO good…it’s especially great to hear right now in this day in age when it sounds like the only type of “hardcore” that the kids are into is the NYHC style or the “heavy/dark” stuff. It’s rad to hear a band bring back that 90’s vibe – the type of hardcore that just had a HINT of metal and was way more freeform then the standard “two step” part, “circle pit” part, “mosh part”…freeform made more sense in hardcore that was supposed to espouse the fuck you to all rules attitude. Later on, hardcore just became a rule following genre.

What I love is that listening to this track over and over again for the past few minutes inspired me to write all that above! hahahahahaha…

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