Singapore based underground label Slap Bet Records/Vanilla Thunder joins IG challenge

Owner of Singapore based underground label Slap Bet Records/Vanilla Thunder, Faisal, has put up a series of amazing photos documenting some of his prized record collection representing Asian punk/hardcore releases on vinyl. When we looked through Faisal’s instagram feed we were blown away by not only his collection, but all the incredible captions that accompany his posts.

Faisal sent in the following explaining his participation:


“Well, I’ve been following the monthly vinyl challenges on Instagram and am always fascinated with what’s in other people’s collections. I have seen the Chung King LP so many times and of course it is one the most expensive hardcore records to date. While all these IG challenges open me up to a wide world of the US hardcore scenes, which is great, it lacks coverage of the South East Asian scene. I have always tried to archive as many regional releases as I can and when I saw a possible platform to post these releases, I decided to join one of these monthly challenges. For example, today is day 10 of the challenge and I’ve posted the Tank Girl LP by a DIY punk band from Nepal.”

Check out the 10 IG posts that Faisal has put up below but make SURE to click follow on his IG to stay up to date with the rest of his posts:

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#28recordslater Day 1, first album bought this year. SIAL – s/t LP Hailing from South East Asia, Singapore, SIAL’s blistering abrasive, loud and primitive sounding hardcore encompasses exactly what it is to be Sial! (DAMNED in English) A swear word in Bahasa Melayu (Malay), SIAL sings in the language of Singapore’s indigenous minority, and challenge a culture and language generally said to be gentle and polite. Commonly described as an idle and passive people until the colonisation of Singapore by the British, SIAL takes back a power stripped away by centuries of imperialism and lies.  Their hardcore takes props from the ferocity of early DISORDER output mixed with a singer who without doubt has had COMES debut album on repeat or even DIRT’s early single on CRASS. Their rhythm section works relentlessly to create a mix of mid 90’s Japanese crasher crust and second wave UK punk creating one of the most powerful records we’ve heard in a long time.  #Sial #hardcore #punk #HCpunk #Singapore #28recordslater #Febrecordchallenge #vinylchallenge #vinyl #record #lp

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#28recordslater Day 2, 2 bands w/ the same vocalist, Ari Ernesto. DOMESTIK DOKTRIN are from Indonesia, DoDo for short, plays ultra fast hardcore with original/challenging lyrics and with a strong DIY ethics. They put out 2 demos, a 7″ on 625 records and a full length cd. After their tour of Singapore/Malaysia in 2005, the vocalist and the drummer left to form HARK! ITS A CRAWLING TAR TAR, that plays a mix of epic, Scandi HC, fast thrash with crust D-beat tempo, reminding me of bands like Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, etc. Ex-DoDo vocalist shares the mike now with another guy. They only released an album on cd with Singapore’s label Thrash Steady Syndicate. It was reissued on vinyl a couple years ago. This is an amazing band. Check em out on YouTube. #Febuaryvinylchallenge #recordchallenge #Indonesia #hardcore #punk #vinyl #record #DomestikDoktrin #HarkItsACrawlingTarTar #28recordslater

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#28recordslater Day 4, Your Big 4 The current big 4 bands in south east asia. WORMROT toured europe and the US numerous times, just finished the Japan/Korea tour a few months back and will embark on another tour of the US in a few months with an appearence at Maryland deathfest and albums out on Earache records, they’re easily the hotest grind band from Singapore. BURGERKILL are from Indonesia. 2013 winner of Metal Hammer’s ‘Metal as fuck’ and has played Wacken and Bloodstock Open Air in 2015 and now currently in the studio recording. One of the hardest working band, constantly touring with legions of dedicated fans all across Indonesia. SERINGAI also from Indonesia are my personal favorites. Saw em play small bars when they first started out to the big stage these days. Thousands of rabid fans will flock together to their shows. When they play the big stage, their wall of death are bigger than of Hatebreed ?. Currently in the studio recording their new album. Last is the mighty IMPIETY. A veteran in the Singapore scene. Formed way back in 1990. Impiety have released at least 9 albums, numerous live lps and eps, one time signed to Osmose in 2002. They have played all over the world many times and now currently touring the US. Nuclear War Now just released a compilation of old demos, their 7″ from ’94 and rehearsals on lp. There you go, my big 4… #28recordslater #vinylchallengefebruary #Februaryrecordchallenge #vinylchallenge2018 #lp #recordchallenge #Indonesia #Singapore #vinyl #record #Wormrot #Impiety #Seringai #Bugerkill

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#28recordslater Day 5, Five of a kind I dont really buy multiple copies of anything. I’m happy with that 1 particular copy. This is kinda a hard one and the only record that I have in multiple versions are Singapore’s own STOMPIN’ GROUND. STOMPIN’ GROUND are one of the first HC bands in Singapore. They played a crucial role in bringin the posicore NYHC style to South east asia. Formed around ’88, they released the ‘Grey’ demo in 1990. After a couple of compilation appearence, Big O School Of Rock and MIS, they released an ep on Pony Canyon Singapore in ’93. The e.p “We Set The Pace” was pressed on cd and cassette and sold for more than 10,000 copies in Malaysia and Singapore, more than any local underground or mainstream local acts have achieved under the Pony Canyon label. In 2012 it was finally reissued on 7″ by Singapore labels SlapBet and Vanilla Thunder records, 200 copies pressed, 150 black, 50 green, 170 normal covers, 30 friends covers, 7 test press, 2 red, 5 yellow. The 7″s were sold at an exhibition dedicated to SG. All 200 copies sold out in 2 hours! Here’s every versions that’s out there. L-R replica of the cd cover and insert put together as a gatefold by a friend of the band in really small quantities, around 2-3 copies, normal sleeve with green vinyl, 20 copies of the green are mix in with the normal sleeves, friends cover and below are the 2 test pressings, both colors.  #28recordslater #StompinGround #45 #vinyl #record #vinylchallenge #Februaryrecordchallenge #Febrecordchallenge #Day5 #hardcore #Singapore #LCHC

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#28recordslater Day 7, 7″ split There are so many to choose. I picked the ones that have both bands on the cover and releases that features bands from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia only. Not only that, but the labels that released em are also from these countries as well. There are alot of small DIY labels around here that are actively puting out releases on cds and cassettes, some even starts to put out vinyl. Mostly in small quantities, 100-300 copies. The network of friends works well, bands and labels are doin splits with each other and touring. This is pretty cool. The exchange rates are pretty brutal especially for the Malaysian and Indonesian labels though. Here are some selections. LtoR – The Bollocks (M)/Opposition Party (S), Pusher (M)/Milisi Kecoa (I), Daighila (M)/This Is Atlantis (S), Pazahora (S)/Ghaust (I), Final Attack (I)/Triangle (I), Secret Seven (S)/Jahilia (S), Vague (I)/Killer Calculateur (M), Avhath (I)/Haul (I), HellExist (M)/Oath (I) #Singapore #Malaysia #Indonesia #vinylchallenge #Februaryrecordchallenge #28recordslater #day7 #splitep #45 #vinyl #record #vinylchallenge #TheBollocks #OppositionParty #OP #Pusher #MilisiKecoa #Daighila #ThisIsAtlantis #Pazahora #Ghaust  #FinalAttack #Triangle #SecretSeven #Jahilia #HellExist #Oath #Vague #Haul #KillerCalculateur #Avhath

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#28recordslater Day 8, Horror. KELELAWAR MALAM is a horror metal punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia. They blend Indonesian horror B-movie lyrical themes and imagery with musical influences from early punk rock, The Misfits, The Cramps, surf rock, early black metal and rockabilly. Having raised in a household full of Indonesian horror fanatics, it’s a theme that I can relate to. We dont have the western kind of vampires or werewolves but we do have vengeful evil spirits, black magic and bloodthirsty leeches. Kelelawar Malam mix these up perfectly. DEAD is a morbid rock n roll project band by David Svvales when he was studying in Singapore. While he was here, he formed Dead and recorded a couple of eps and a 7″ called ‘Frankenstein Bride’ in 2011. He’s currently living in Berlin and also the brainchild behind Void Watcher. This is the Distro Day Out 2011 version, 20 copies on yellow with stamped labels and alternate full color cover. 100 copies with different artwork on black, 20 copies rejected due to label warped. #KelelawarMalam #DEAD #horror #metal #punk #Singapore #Indonesia #day8 #splitep #45 #28recordslater #vinyl #record #vinylchallenge #sundelbolong #Februaryrecordchallenge #recordchallenge #Febrecordchallenge

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#28recordslater Day 10, Female Fronted. Around the world, it is these odds that face female musicians who have had to prove that they are just as talented, technical and tireless in their music as men. Hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal, TANK GIRL was formed by two wildly talented musicians: Sareena Rai (of Rai ko Ris) and Sampreety Gurung, with drummer Olivier Bertin (also from Rai ko Ris). Their anarcha-feminist ideals are reflected well in their songs about the exploitation, domestic violence, and inequality faced by Nepali women. Grim as the subject matter might be, Tank Girl’s music makes you want to jump around and join them in rebellion against the infuriating reality of sexism. To top it off, they include distinctly Nepali allusions like “Kids with Guns and Choco fun” and a dohori for the intro of “Love Talk vs Bad Talk” effectively indigenizing punk. Sareena Rai used to stay in Singapore for while and had a band called Bruce Lee when she was here. Since then she had moved back to Nepal and formed the HCpunk band Rai Ko Ris. #DIY #punk #Nepal #28recordslater #day10 #lp #redvinyl #vinyl #record #vinylchallenge  #Februaryrecordchallenge #recordchallenge #Febrecordchallenge

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